Clean Patios Are Happy Patios

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Stone is one of the most durable choices you can make for your home’s outdoor living spaces, and regular maintenance will keep it looking great for years to come. Keeping your walkways, steps and patios in good shape is as easy as making sure these three steps are routinely addressed over their lifetime.


Oftentimes, patios and other stone surfaces can become overwhelmed by algae or moss, especially in shady areas. Build-up on stone and in the joints is not uncommon in our New England climate. Powerwashing is a simple solution for keeping these elements at bay and, many times, is exactly what customers need to give their stone surfaces an instant facelift, whether it be seasonally, every couple of years, or prior to a larger maintenance project.

Polysand Application

Polymeric sand is commonly spread into the joints between natural stone and pavers. The perfect finishing touch, polymeric sand creates a semi-permeable jointing barrier that allows for slight shifting of the stone during seasonal transitions. Though it varies based on each location’s exposure to the elements, polymeric sand needs to be replaced and re-touched every 3-4 years.

Repointing, Repair and Resetting

Occasionally, stones shift or crack and need a little extra TLC. Fortunately, these materials are usually fairly easily repaired, replaced or reset without compromising the integrity of the entire structure. A talented mason will be able to easily identify issues and offer appropriate solutions. Sometimes small repairs can have great impact on the overall look of your stone surfaces!

Protect your investment with routine maintenance for all your home’s stone features – indoors and outside! Call Torrison to get a free estimate for your next maintenance project.