From concept to reality, our team of landscape architects can help you realize your vision for your outdoor living space. Working with a landscape architect from beginning to end ensures all the elements of your custom landscape plan come together into one seamless design.

Torrison Stone & Garden prides itself on its design-build division. We help our customers visualize the end result with a 3D Design Plan. Using video technology, our landscape architects can render your outdoor spaces, incorporating all stone and landscape elements.

The process starts with a landscape architect visiting the client’s home for an initial consultation. Measurements and photos are taken, then a member of our design team will create a conceptual plan. Clients are invited back into the showroom to review the plan with the designer, select materials and review the project timeline. At the third and final meeting, clients review changes, confirm materials and finalize a budget and payment plan.

Design Process

Torrison Meeting

Torrison Stone & Garden goes above and beyond to match your personal style and stay within your budget. We reveal the unique personality and character of each client. Our relaxed approach, creative eye and attention-to-detail result in projects that will be treasured for years to come! See what you can expect when working with our landscape architects.

Design Meeting 1

Schedule a Site Visit with one of our Landscape Architects to discuss your vision and take measurements for your future project.

Customers must have the following information prior to their 1st meeting:

  1. Property Card with Zoning Districts & Setbacks
  2. As-Built Survey Map of Project Property
  3. Septic & Well As-Built Maps
  4. Any Photos, Materials, Layouts or Design Features Wanted In Design
  5. Budget Guidelines to Stay Within

Design Meeting 2

Join your Architect at Torrison Stone & Garden to:

  • Review design, project budget, projected schedule, timeline and schedule of values
  • Tour TSG Showrooms to review selected materials
  • Provide feedback on the overall project to incorporate into the final design

Design Meeting 3

This final design meeting will either be at TSG or on the project site and will consist of the following:

  • Review of any changes made from meeting #2
  • Confirmation of material choices, appliances and design features
  • Project timeline and outline of project work schedule
  • Final budget and schedule of values (outline of payment structure for the project)

– Torrison Stone & Garden provides designs without charging an upfront design fee.
– Torrison Stone & Garden allows clients to have prints, copies,, or photos off their design AFTER they have made a deposit on the project.
– Torrison Stone & Garden will provide a detailed proposal based upon the final design.
– Changes to the design afterr a deposit is made will be billed at $150.00 an hour.
– All costs associated with permitting including,, but not limited to,, permit fees, design prints, and design modifications will be passed along to thee client.


Natural stone veneer is a great choice for your home‘s siding, foundation, accent walls, fireplaces, hearths, chimneys, pillars, steps, and flooring.


Thoughtful, well-designed gardens are the finishing touch for your home, enhancing curb appeal while expanding your living space.


Softscape inspired, or combined with hardscape elements, design experts have the experience and knowledge to fully realize your vision.


Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and superior customer service – inspiration for your next outdoor living project begins here.