A Clean Patio is a Happy Patio

Sometimes all it takes is a little TLC to restore stone surfaces to their former glory!

Our Patio Plus Program includes:

  • Deep Cleaning & Powerwashing
  • Repair & Reset Paving Materials
  • Polymeric  Sand Application
  • Repointing Cracks
  • Re-joining Walls
  • Removal of weeds moss and algae

Torrison Stone & Garden is an award-winning landscape construction company, specializing in stone and landscape design, installation and maintenance. Since 2000, our relaxed approach, creative eye and attention-to-detail have continually set the bar for our industry.

Protect Your Investment

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Increase the Longevity of Your Outdoor Stone Surfaces

To preserve the look of your walkways, steps and patios, it’s important to routinely perform the following 3 maintenance tasks throughout their lifetime.


1. Powerwashing

Oftentimes, patios and other stone surfaces can become overwhelmed by algae or moss, especially in shady areas. Powerwashing is a simple solution to address any buildup, keep these elements at bay and give your stone surfaces an instant facelift!


2. Polysand Application

Polymeric sand is commonly spread into the joints between natural stone and pavers, polymeric sand creates a semi-permeable barrier that allows the stone to shift slightly during seasonal transitions. It needs to be replaced and re-touched every 3 to 4 years.


3. Repointing, Repair and Resetting

Stones may shift or crack but these materials are often easily repaired, replaced or reset without compromising the integrity of the entire structure. Our talented masons can identify issues and offer appropriate solutions to improve the overall look of your stone surfaces!

Protect your investment with routine maintenance for all your home’s stone features!
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