Granite Steps


Granite steps elevate the elegance and charm of your property, all while ensuring durability and functionality. If you are looking for a trusted team of seasoned professionals, Torrison Stone is fully equipped and ready to assist you. With over two decades of experience, Torrison’s experts will work closely with you to design, build, and install your granite steps.

We are an ICP-certified installer, meaning that our team has achieved strict stone craftworker qualification criteria. Since one of our key priorities is safety, all crew members are trained in worksite safety and OSHA compliance.


As one of Connecticut’s leading granite step companies, Torrison offers everything you need: in-house design, extensive material selection, and top-notch installation services. Here are several reasons to choose Torrison for your granite steps:

Granite Steps Rear Entrance
  • Committed to Quality – over 20 years of creating stunning granite stairs, we deliver exceptional results, crafting patios that offer years of enjoyment for CT residents.
  • Selection – Torrison offers high-quality granite from trusted suppliers in a range of colors and textures to match your style and budget. We invite you to visit our 10,000-square-foot outdoor showroom and indoor showroom to preview our granite stair material options.
  • Design & Installation Experts – our skilled team designs and installs walkways with meticulous attention to detail and structural integrity. As a full-service landscape design and construction company, we can also design and install walkways, patios, and more to compliment your new stairs.
  • Courteous and Professional Service – while this is becoming harder to find these days, our team members take great pride in the work they do and enjoy working with customers in a friendly and helpful manner.
  • Committed to Quality – with 20+ years of designing and installing granite steps, we deliver exceptional results CT residents.
  • Beyond Installation – we offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your granite steps looking their best year after year.
  • A Local Company – we are a Connecticut-based company that proudly serve many surrounding communities including Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Essex, Farmington, Avon, West Hartford, Simsbury, Litchfield, Canaan, Goshen, Glastonbury, among many others within the state of Connecticut.


A wide range of natural and engineered materials are available for outdoor stairs and step treads. While we have worked with many of them over the years, this is why many customers prefer Granite steps:

Poolside Granite Steps
  • Aesthetics – as a natural stone, granite provides a classic and stately look that stands apart from other materials typically used for outdoor stairs.
  • Durability – granite is extremely durable and strong. It is resistant to damage from foot traffic, freezing, thawing, and weathering. It performs extremely well for normal use and high-traffic areas.
  • Versatility – unique patterns and colors add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.
  • Low-Maintenance – only need occasional sweeping and sealing to maintain their beauty and integrity. With minimal, routine care, granite steps are likely to last a lifetime!

Ready to elevate your home’s exterior with granite steps? We’re here to help! Granite steps will not only enhance the luxury and appeal of your home, but also improve functionality and overall home value.

Let’s get started! Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.


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