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Stone Veneers

Natural stone veneers are available in a variety of colors and designs, depending on the look you want. Choose from Ledgestone, Strip, Square & Rectangular, Mosaic, and Round.

Ledgestone consists of thin rectilinear pieces of natural stone, stacked into rows or courses by skilled masons. Ledgestone can be dry-laid or installed with standard or wide mortar joints.

Strip veneers are taller than ledgestone, but with the same type of graining and color variety. The rectilinear pieces are cut in a range of heights and can be installed with a standard or wide joint, but are typically dry-laid.

Square & Rectangular pattern is made of roughly square and rectangular pieces and can be installed with standard, wide, or dry-fit mortar joints.

Mosaic veneer showcases irregular pieces of natural stone, primarily in triangles and other random shapes similar to broken ice. This pattern can be installed dry-laid, or with standard or wide joints.

Round veneer represents the most traditional field stone shape – stone with rounded edges and a natural, aged face that is slightly pillowed.