Deep Cleaning

Clean First, Seal Second

We use special cleaning equipment along with a specially formulated hardscape cleaner to penetrate deeply into the cement pores, releasing ground-in dirt and contaminates. The process works without damaging or discoloring the pavers and brightens to the original color allowing the sealer to better penetrate the paver. By using a specialized product for different stains, we can remove grease, rust, paint, and leaf stains, to name a few.


Efflorescence is the white chalky residue that can build up on the surface over time. It is caused by the natural salts that are part of the concrete used to produce the pavers. Efflorescence must be removed before a sealer is applied. This will also rejuvenate the color and appearance of your paved surface.

Rust Stains

Our rust remover effectively dissolves stains caused by dripping rusted water and steel streaks from patio furniture, fire pits and barbeque grills.

Oil and Grease Stains

Our professional grade oil and grease remover lifts and absorbs embedded stains in pavers, slabs, natural stone, poured or stamped concrete and walls without damaging or discoloring the material.

Moss and Algae

Moss and algae can sometimes grow on your paved areas, particularly if they are in shaded or damp areas. Our organic stain remover will remove moss and mildew as well as tough organic stains such as dead leaves, blood, wine and non-greasy food stains.

Paint, Tar and Rubber Stains

We also have specialized cleaners to remove these tough stains including tire marks and chewing gum.